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The Wallenberg Centres for Molecular Medicine are key elements in a national effort to reposition Sweden as a world-leading life science nation. The initiative was taken by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, and is a joint venture with the Universities and University Hospitals of Gothenburg, Lund, Umeå and Linköping. SciLifeLab in Stockholm and Uppsala serves as a research partner and unique core facility for the four Centres.

Through repeated calls in the upcoming years with tenure track research positions – Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellows – we will recruit translationally oriented research groups. The groups will be centered on internationally recruited young scientists of outstanding potential and funded at a globally competitive level through very generous starting packages with the possibility of promotion to Senior Lecturer within four years. Each of these groups will synergize with pre-existing excellent research environments as well as strong clinical collaborators, promoting ground-breaking research in molecular and translational medicine. Together, we will rise to future challenges within molecular life science in order to improve human health.

Find out more about ongoing recruitments at each center’s website below.

National Molecular Medicine Fellows Programme

Read more about the collaboration between the four Wallenberg Centres for Molecular Medicine and SciLifeLab.






The Wallenberg Centres for Molecular Medicine is supported by Knut and Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse.